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Is Alcohol Treatment Mandatory After a DUI?

In most cases, when someone is arrested or convicted for a DUI offense, the defendant is often labeled as someone with drinking problem and most states give mandatory alcohol evaluation, treatment and education prior to the restoration of the defendant's driving privileges.

Laws Involved

BAC or blood alcohol content of 0.08% or more in the defendant's blood sample is evidence by itself that the defendant was drunk driving.

It is also mandated by most states that defendants of DUI arrests or convictions be subject to alcohol evaluation in order to specify the level of intoxication when driving. Therefore, if the defendant has been found or arrested for DUI, that is evidence already that he or she has had drinking problems under most laws issued by almost all states.

Evaluation of Alcohol

Prior to the restoration of driver's license and driving privileges of the defendant suspected of driving under the influence, an evaluation of alcohol content in the defendant's blood has been mandated by almost all states and also to determine the extent of alcohol intoxication or if the behavior is the result of direct alcohol abuse or dependence.

Most times the defendant of the DUI case will undergo an interview with a certified alcohol and drug professional and answer a string of questions regarding his or her habits and behavior with regards to alcohol use. The counselor will be the one to determine if the defendant of the DUI case is still in need of further education and rehabilitation as deemed necessary as a result of such evaluation.


Most drunk driver convicts are mandated to attend alcohol education programs particularly about the dangers that drinking and driving impose to the community. Most of the times this is called DUI schools or drunk driving schools. This is done regardless of the results of the initial evaluation. However, in extensive drinking problems, the number and length of the alcohol classes are increased.

Alcohol Rehabilitation/Treatment

Alcohol rehabilitation/treatment happens when the alcohol evaluation showed evidence of alcohol abuse and/or dependence on the defendant of a DUI case. It is required or mandated by many states that the individual convicted for DUI undergo complete rehabilitation/treatment prior to the restoration of license and driving privileges and the defendant must show evidence of total rehabilitation before sending them off to the highways.

Several options are available for alcohol rehabilitation or treatment are present including attendance in a specific support group meetings, therapy sessions, outpatient counseling, and inpatient detoxification and undergo residential rehabilitation and treatment in recognized facilities.

In every Arizona DUI lawsuit or Phoenix DUI lawsuit, it is important that you contact a qualified and experienced lawyer to represent your case in order for you to be guided along the process and to give you idea what you are going to face should the courts find that you are guilty of drunk driving. Also, you will have enough knowledge that such laws like mandatory alcohol evaluation, treatment and education exist.